Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Places to Go

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow I am going to my Aunt Peggy's classroom to meet her students.  They are all young elementary kids with disabilities.  I am very excited even though it is early in the morning.  I had a good time at work tonight.  A lot of the customers let me sit with them at their tables and we chat.  It is a great work environment that lets me do that.  The place lets you feel as if you are surrounded by friends.

Plus, it helped that the girls I worked with tonight are fun.  We had two parties of 25-30 of kids, who were stealing our straws and toilet paper so they could make spitballs.  Poor, Chelsi, almost had a heart attack and so did a lot of our regulars.  It isn't cool when parents let their kids do whatever they like and no matter who or how many times we ask them to stop running around, nothing is said by the parents.  It is a lawsuit waiting to happen at this place if we keep letting the people have their kid's parties there.  We will see.

For the past few days, the movie Julia and Julie has been mentioned to me, so when Jen was at the library she picked it up.  This morning at 4:30am I was wide awake from my foot, so I popped in the movie and propped my foot up.  I really liked it.  Especially, Meryl Streep as Julia Child.  I could have done without Amy Adam's Julie storyline, but I found Meryl delightful and I loved the way Stanley Tucci and her played off each other.  I would have liked to explore that story more.  I am excited for Sex in the City 2.  This is when I wish I was back in NYC so Kimmie and I could go see it, but instead I'm going to try and go with my Aunt.  It would be fun, if we can find some time together to go.  Besides that, I am in need of a good night sleep, so until tomorrow.

Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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  1. I loved the Julia part of the movie too - made me want to cook (which says A LOT!). The Julie part - eh...
    I am soooo excited for SATC2!!! going to see it Saturday w/ some girlfriends! Enjoy your weekend Tara!