Monday, May 3, 2010

My Love for the Amazing Race

Hi Everyone,

One of my favorite shows on television is The Amazing Race.  I have watched every season since it started 7 or 8 years ago.  I love it so much that a friend and I submitted a tape not so long ago hoping for a chance to participate. I have to commend this season's teams.  This whole game most of them have played fair and each of them cheer the others on when they leave each obstacle.  Not all the teams do this, but a lot of them did.  Two of my favorite teams are "The Cowboys" and "The Cops".  They have had to be the most laid back teams.  You as a viewer do not see either of the teammates get upset with the other.  Both of them are in the race for the right reasons.

Of course they want o win a million dollars.  Of course they are competitive.  But the keep their cool in hot situations and have been enjoying the race for what it is, a competition.  In reality television their is so much backstabbing and conniving that the true competition is overshadowed by it.  As my dad said this morning, "It is refreshing to see teams that are in it for the true sense of competition."  The Cowboys and The Cops show viewers that even by playing the game fairly and cheering each other on makes for a good competition.

Sadly The Cops got eliminated tonight.  The show has come down to its last three competitors.  I am rooting for The Cowboys.  They have been the most enjoyable to watch for me.  With their cowboy hats, good manners, patience and humor they embody America and everything that comes with it.  For two men that are pretty young, they have it all together and act years far ahead of their age.  They have an innocence and drive that seems as if it should cancel each other out, but it only adds to their appeal.  They are genuinely polite men, who say, "Oh my gravy."  They are very secure in their skin and they understand the meaning of a good competition.  I haven't heard them backstab another team, but give encouragement to the other teams.

Next week is the finale, so my thoughts on The Cowboys I don't think are going to change.  But if The Cowboys don't win, you will surely hear me cursing the television in anger, because I am not beneath being a sore loser, even though I look up to The Cowboys for showing the true meaning of competition. I am sure that is the reason I love that team so, because they embody everything I hope I can be.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

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p.s. Happy Birthday Kristin!

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  1. awww I got a mention! Thanks for the birthday wishes Tara!!!