Friday, May 7, 2010

Keeping My Cool

Hi Everyone,

Today was one of those days, that should of pissed me off, but didn't.  First this morning I got into the shower and slipped and banged my knee pretty bad.  I haven't seen anything that swollen in a long time or that black and blue too.  So I sat with ice on it for half the morning.  Then I scraped my thigh pretty good with God knows what and it took a bit to stop bleeding.  Now I have a bug bite on it and it itches like crazy but I am doing everything I can to leave it alone.  Next, I got a letter from my old bank saying that my brokerage account is being closed because the bank has decided to exit the brokerage market.  They say I have to have the funds out by April 30th, 2010.  I waited on the phone for an hour before I hung up and decided to callback tomorrow.  Also I still haven't received my registration for my car or my title.  I only have 90 days before my temporary registration expires on May 14th.  I had called the dealership last Sunday and the owner who is in charge of registration and titles said I should call back today because the DMV said they sent out the info, but the dealership had not received it yet.  I called back today three times and left messages each time and the owner did not call me back.

I don't know why I am not angry as I would normally be about such things and usually think days like today warrant an alcoholic drink.  I might be in denial.  I might be looking the other way subconsciously.  I might have a large dose of patience for once.  Either way, I feel weird being this calm about it all.  As I am writing this I am aware of the throb of my knee, the burn of my scraped thigh and have a list next to my computer of the calls I need to make before I go over to my Aunt's house tomorrow.  I hope that all of this works in my favor and with patience I think it will.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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