Saturday, May 1, 2010

Getting Out My Frustrations II

Hi Everyone,

Two days ago I wrote a blog post titled, Getting Out My Frustrations.  I was really in a bad mood when I wrote it and didn't go into my frustrations too much.  Now that I have had a few days to think over it I have come to some conclusions.  The defining similarity in all three of my gripes is that everyone believes they are the victim in each case.

Today hundreds of thousands of people marched in L.A. against the Immigration Law in Arizona.  One person they interviewed hit it right on the head, this country wouldn't be in the state it is in if the federal government paid attention to immigrant and immigrant reform.  I agree.  What I don't agree with are the illegal immigrants living here, taking jobs and health care.  There were many signs during the protest that said "I wouldn't be here illegally if America made me legal".  That makes my blood boil.  I like to follow the rules, I can't stand when others don't and get away with it.  I understand there is plenty of red tape and there are years ahead of you becoming a citizen, but why can't you get a working visa?  Why can't you go through the steps of being a citizen?  Why can't you get your green card?  I have a lot of friends who do everything possible so that they are in this country legally.  They make sure that everything is signed and that every I is dotted and every T is crossed.  I get that immigrants and children of immigrants are frustrated, but so are the people who live here.  It is a very fine line that we must tread.  We are a country that is built on immigration.  We hold our freedoms and liberties high, what gets me going is that I feel we are being taken advantage of as a country by immigrants that don't want to play by the rules.  Arizona is on the border of Mexico, where Americans are being killed 5 miles from the border because of a drug war.  Like I said, in my post before, I don't believe Arizona is handling it the right way, but the state isn't getting any support from Washington.  I would take great measures to ensure that the citizens of Arizona are protected.  I also understand that this isn't all about Mexico either.  It is about immigrants who are here illegally acting as if they are the victim.  We have these laws in place so that our citizens aren't run over by illegal immigrants taking what is legally ours.

Which brings me to Rielle Hunter and all other women who have had affairs with high profile married men recently and telling their story.  I am not sure how these women see themselves as the victim in the whole mess.  I cannot believe the delusion these women live under that what they did had nothing to do with them.  They were just a pawn in the game.  You have a brain, right?  You can make a decision?  It is a two way street.  You danced the dance together.  Which in my book makes you just as responsible and heinous as the man.   I feel bad for Hunter's daughter, because you know that she gave no thought to John Edward's young children when they began the affair and they way that she was on Oprah was very controlled and calculated.  I can't see the child getting any sympathy or love from that woman unless it benefits Hunter.  I also can't imagine what her daughter is going to grow into and if she will be surrounded by lies.  There is nowhere in the U.S. Hunter can go, without someone knowing who she is.  Her daughter is going to have to live with her parents decision for the rest of her life.  It makes me sad, how often this has been occurring of late.  People use being a victim as their excuse so often now, that I have no sympathy for real victims because I have become so jaded and angry at the people who have so much and act as a victim.  

I feel the Boy Scouts are becoming the victim of not being prevalent enough in society, so they have decided to add the video game patch to the list of accomplishments.  I think the Boy Scouts are taking the idea the wrong way.  I think they have been too slow in adapting to what boys are doing now.  Too little, too late.  It was a risky idea.  It was a well meaning idea.  The boys have to research prices and appropriateness of the video game.  They also have to make a schedule where they can fit playing the video game into their lives, so that their lives don't revolve around it.  I get it.  But like I said before, I think it goes against everything the Boy Scouts stands for.  It gives the boys an excuse to play video games.  Good try, but I still think it is a bad idea.

Any idea that lets people use the excuse to take advantage of the parents, government, or the public gets me going.  I am old school in my thinking.  I believe in respect for your elders, honest hard work and love in family.  Recently I have seen so many people disrespect elders, talk about how they have been wronged and do things without consideration for others.  I try and live by what I believe and hopefully I am doing it.  They always say that change, comes from one person having the courage to act.  Here I go.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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