Monday, May 10, 2010

First Day

Hi Everyone,

Today was my first day training at the Beer Garden in El Segundo.  El Segundo is the first town south of LAX.  When I drive along Sepulveda Blvd in El Segundo I pass companies like Boeing and huge engineering firms.  As I drove off of Sepulveda toward the town of El Segundo I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a quaint little town.

The Beer Garden is off of Main Street and is connected to Vinny's Pizzeria.  There are 26 beers on tap and we offer pizza, salads, and sandwiches.  There were four of us training today.  We had to learn the computer, the table numbers and figure out the kinks within the workspace.  I ended up having 4 tables for the day and made a whopping $10 dollars.  We aren't officially opening until Memorial Day weekend.  The owners are sure by then the word of mouth would be good and we will start making money.  We also have a guy who is going to sing and play acoustic guitar during the weekends.

The hours are fantastic.   We open at 11am and close at 10PM every night because the town has a curfew on alcohol.  So thankfully, I don't have to expect to be at work for 14 hours like I used to in NYC on the weekends if I was working a double.  The gentlemen that own the place, Mike, Alex and Dan seem really nice and they are very patient.  They were open to any suggestions we had and were learning everything we were.  It was a really "soft" open today.

Tomorrow, I work the night shift.  They want us to train all this week, so I picked Tuesday and Wednesday to work the night shift and Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the day shift.  I am not sure if our schedules are going to be changing every week or if we will have a set schedule.  Either way, I don't care at the moment because I am glad to have a job.  Mike said that they are going to close down the Beer Garden and Vinny's in Oct. for a renovation, but we all are going to be redirected to different restaurants he owns at that time, so we all have job security.  The first day went really well and I am looking forward to seeing how the night shift will be tomorrow.

Until then.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,

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  1. hooray for a job!!! I missed a couple of days, so I was so happy for you when I caught up this morning!