Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello America, Tonight on This Evening's Broadcast...

Hi Everyone,

I didn't get a callback from Universal Studios, poop.  Back to the drawing board.  My aunt called me and told me that AAA is hiring, so I went to my local office and filled out an application.  I am not sure what position they are hiring for, but I don't really care right now either.

I have been battling a frog in my throat for the past few days and I can't tell if it is because I am getting sick or if it is allergies.  I have noticed since moving here, that my allergies are a lot worse.  I sneeze at least 5-6 times a day.  Back east if I sneezed once a week, that was a lot.

I recently applied to volunteer with the Kittie Rescue in Los Angeles.  They are a no kill organization that has volunteers socialize with the cats/kittens so that they can be adopted.  I have orientation on May 1st.  I am really looking forward to it.  Today, I feel like writing as if I am delivering the news.  So I am sorry this post is so dry and unemotional.  As I am writing I am reading what I am writing and realize that I am very guarded today.  I'm not sure why, but maybe after I watch Glee and Lost I will have an emotional door open.

I am writing this post a lot earlier than I normally would, because I had the urge to write.  I can't say that I actually have sat down and thought of what I would write today, so maybe that is why I am getting all Brian Williams on you.  So I will stop for today.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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