Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Out My Frustrations

Hi Everyone,

I have some random thoughts that I am titling, What is this world coming to:

1.  Boy scouts now get badges for video games.  Hmmmm, I thought the Boy Scouts were about teaching young boys how to be resourceful.  To teach them how to survive in the great outdoors.  To develop bonds with others that would influence them as they grow.  The badges are a way of showing their progress.  A badge on video games says to me that the organization is trying to be "cool".  Numbers must be down.  I wouldn't be surprised if they start replacing the pinewood derbies with texting competitons in the next decade.  I am only slightly joking.  I've noticed a huge divide between how I grew up and the way my sister grew up.  I find that I see the world a lot like my parents, where people 4-8 years younger than I see it very differently.  It is a strong divide and I am afraid that it's the kids that lose out on everything.  That is a different post entirely.

2.  When did sex become an addiction?  And when did women who have married men's babies begin thinking they aren't homewreckers?  Either way, man or woman, you are a disgusting.  When did our society begin thinking we can get away with such actions with dignity?  Where did our morals and self respect go?  Did we ever have any?  I have to cool down to write a objective post on that.

3.  Is the bill that was passed in Arizona on immigration so bad?  Four months ago I would have been against the bill, but now that I have seen the droves of immigrants that pile into trucks to be driven to jobs when I can't find one, I don't think it is such a bad idea.  Arizona, California, Texas, New Mexico have a difficult problem that they haven't been able to solve.  I don't think Arizona is going about it the right way, but I would like to see the numbers in the future in comparison to the past and see if it worked.  The good thing about having a democracy is that they can amend the bill or change it.  Yes, it is political and can take a long time for anything to go through, but I believe in this country.  The United States has one of the most lax and/or the "nicest" immigration systems in the world and many countries know it.  I think Arizona has had enough, they don't want to be taken advantage of anymore.  I can respect that, even if I don't agree with the way they are going about it.

4.  I grew up Catholic.  I am tired of hearing about how the Pope didn't know about all the abuse going on.  Please.  I think the church should get rid of the Pope.  I also think that the church should let women become priests if they want and why not let priests get married.  What is wrong with giving the nuns more control?  The church is falling apart.  I am not saying to rewrite the religion, I am  suggesting new solutions to a very serious problem.  The only comfort I get in hearing about the church problems is that I know that God pays attention.  The lives of these priests won't be great forever.  They will have to confront their sins sooner or later.

So as you can see I only watched CNN for a half hour and I was mad at the world.  It all hit me the wrong way today.  I also think that as a society we have to start asking ourselves how we want to live our lives.  Are we becoming so bogged down in technology that we don't have time for responsibility, respect, love and human interaction?   Yes, my childhood wasn't perfect, but I learned family is most important.  I learned that I had to put effort into everything I dream or wish for myself.  I learned that I have more power by being true to myself.  I learned that if I treat others with respect I will be respected.  That my actions speak louder than words.  What do the actions of America as a whole say about us?

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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