Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Reunion Part Deux

Hi Everyone,

Today, I got to see my Aunt Lynda and Uncle Joe while they were visiting L.A. from Las Vegas.  They were in town for a birthday of my uncle's friend.  I got to meet up with them and we all went to see my Aunt Peggy and my cousins Robert, Brian and Kevin.  Uncle Joe and Aunt Lynda used to live in Redondo Beach before they moved to Las Vegas, so my cousins grew up with them and my other cousins, Michael and Shauna.  It is fun to watch the connection that my cousins have to my aunt and uncle, because my siblings and I only saw my relatives on the West Coast once a year, maybe.

My family has a different dynamic with everyone because of the distance.  The good thing is that we all love to laugh.  We are all good natured and love to tease each other.  Plus I got to listen to stories I didn't know.  My dynamic with my cousins is nice.  Kevin the youngest is a sweetheart.  He remembers things I forgot I mentioned.  For instance, last Thursday, he called me because he remembered it was the last night of my show and he wanted to wish me luck.  Brian, is very easy to talk to and will sit around the table to do so.  Robert is the oldest and I think had the most responsibility.  We are very similar in our temperment. Out of each of our families I believe that we are the hardest to get to know.  I know that my brother and sister are fantastic with people.  They talk to people.  I really don't care to talk to people if I don't have to do it.  I don't trust people right away.  I would rather watch before I start a conversation.  A lot of people that are good friends now have said that it took a long time for me to open up.  I don't know Robert, and I really haven't gone out of my way to get to know him yet.  I will.

My Uncle Joe got me an application to a deli that they stopped by for Italian cookies.  It was nice to know he was looking out for me.  So I filled that out and will drop it off tomorrow.  It was good to be around family I don't usually get to see often.  That is the best part about moving out to California, I get to be around family often.  I have never been around family that is only 20 minutes away.  It is a concept I am quickly getting used to.  I like it.  I like that I am only a 5 hour drive or a 45 minute flight away from most of the rest of my family.  Now I have to convince my brother and sister to move closer. Ha, that would never happen, but a girl can wish!

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,



  1. Tara, we both know East Coast is where it's at. People on the West Coast just surf and get botox and carry dogs in their purses. Meanwhile, the East Coast drives the world's financial markets, controls the country's media consumption, and works hard to better the country's reputation world wide.

  2. Well yes, I agree, but I have decided to give up the responsibility for a bit for some fun in the sun! LOL! If I ever have botox, carry a small dog in a purse, or carry a purse on a regular basis, book the next flight back East for me. I know I will learn to surf or paddle board just because I really like to body surf, so they have to be just as fun! Would you ever think about moving to New Orleans? Wink, wink...