Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board

Hi Everyone,

I was a little premature in mentioning my cousin getting me a job.  I went to RockNFish in Manhattan Beach with Kevin and I talked to Jerry.  I gave him my resume and then he proceeded to tell me it is a summer position for 2 shifts a week.  I would work from 7PM-10PM as the break server.  But the General Manager has other interviews she would like to do and if I am hired that is what I would be expected to work.  So, I went from having a job to maybe having a job.  Jerry didn't make me fill out an application,  so I don't feel so good about it.  Kevin got mad because he said that Jerry "owed" him one, but it seems in California that doesn't mean jack.  So I am back to looking for a job once again.  If Jerry calls it will be next week he said.  Tomorrow, I am going to the Kitty Rescue Orientation.  I signed up to volunteer a few weeks ago.  I am looking forward to it.  I hope to be able to interact with the kitty cats and meet some new people.

I feel very blah lately.  I don't really have any feeling about anything.  I realize that I am falling into one of my depressions, but I really do try and fight it all the way.  I am glad that I am getting out of the house to do something I enjoy for nothing.  It is hard to go out when I don't have money, so I am trying to find ways to get out for free.  I am getting tired of going to Borders,  the library and the beach because I do all of those things by myself and right now I am with myself way too much LOL!  I am excited to meet new people.  I signed up for the website, but a lot of those meet ups would cost me money.  Maybe I will start a hiking club on and see how many other people would like to come with me.  Maybe I will use the CityWalk cards and make it a meet up.  I think that is a good idea I just came up with. I will keep you posted.

I am not going to post anything on my eastcoastgirloutwest blog tonight.  I am having trouble with my internet connection and I am falling asleep as I write this.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

All my love,


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  1. I think it's the Spring, I always seem to get into a funk in the Spring, which doesn't really seem to make sense, but it's a patterned that I've noticed... I thing the city walk cards on meetup sound like a great idea, I'll be crossing my fingers for success!