Friday, April 23, 2010

Animal Magnetism

Hi Everyone,

This evening I was watching the World News and they had the story of the German Shepherd who directed the police to his owner's burning garage.  I noticed lately that I cannot get enough of watching videos on amazing animals.  Last week on Yahoo! they had a video of a whale playing with a dog on a fishing boat.  The whale would try and touch noses with the dog as the fishing boat moved through the water.  The whale would also blow water from it's blowhole to spray the dog.  You can see in the video the  dog loves it.  His tail is wagging and he gets agitated when the whale goes below the water.  There is also the videos of the cat and dog getting acquainted with the IPad.  It is humorous to watch the different reactions both animals have.  Then there was the video of the sea lion that wanted to cuddle with a human.  There was also the story of an elephant and a dog who were best friends.  When the dog broke its leg, the elephant would come and visit each day.  The elephant would come to the window where the dog could look out and stand there so that they could be near to each other.   When the dog became better, the elephant was so happy.

These sort of stories make me feel good.  It makes me understand that all living things want to have a connection.  That connection can overcome barriers and notions of what can and cannot be done.  That life can be so simple.  Not full of complications and game playing.  That is what I find in L.A.  It is really hard to get a genuine answer out of people.  I have had people tell me recently that they like that I am so honest and that I don't try and agree with everything they say.  DUH!  Unfortunately, that is the culture here.  There are so many people that want to get ahead by doing as little as possible that they agree with everything you say and have no opinions, but yours, if it is going to get them anywhere.  It is very strange. This is another theme that comes up in my life on a regular basis.  Will I change my values and risk my integrity to get ahead.  I have adamantly fought to keep that part of myself.  I firmly believe in the golden rule, "Treat people as you would like to be treated."  I think a lot of people here in L.A. could learn a lesson or two from these videos of these animals and the way they treat each other.

Until tomorrow.  Take care and be safe.

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